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Teamspeak Server Rules



§1 Name on Teamspeak
Ingame-name is your main account name. Nickname is your forename (Or what you want to be called).

§2 Forbidden Content
Any kind of extreme (right/left)-wing political, racist, pornographic and violation content are strictly forbidden.
Especially in:
- Avatars
- Names
- Chat
- Disconnect-Messages
- Talking
- Links

§3 Tone
No disrespecting/harassing other members. Please stay friendly and pleasant.
Anything offensive/attacking directly targeting another member is not tolerated.

§4 Spamming
No spamming clients or channels.
Things include, but aren't limited to:
- Poke spamming
- Spamming in text chat
- Leaving and rejoining channels

§5 Recording
Recording of voice and in-game content is only allowed with every members permission.

§6 AFK
If you are away from keyboard for a longer period of time, you should go to an appropriate AFK-channel.
For anything shorter, a short notice to your teammates will do.

§7 Kick/Ban
No Kick or Ban is without proper reason. Penalties should give you the chance to review and to change your behaviour.
If you think you got an inappropriate punishment please message another admin or above.

§8 TS3 Rights
Teamspeak rights and ranks are given by mods and higher and can be changed by them.

§9 Decisional Authority
Server Admins and Moderators have full capacity and orders (name-change etc.) should be followed. Else refusals results in a kick/ban.

§10 Advertisement
Any sort of advertisement, also in avatars and audio, are strictly forbidden on this server. Any share of links with the purpose of enticement are not allowed.

§11 Hacker/Cheating
Any attack on the server/website is a crime and will be prosecuted accordingly.
We do not tolerate any kind of unfair advantage in-game and will be result in a ban and exclusion of the community.

§12 Data privacy
Private Data like telephone-numbers, address, password and similar shouldn’t be shared. No Admin would want them.

§13 Own music/sounds
It is not allowed to share music and sounds in the channel except in special marked ones.

§14 Bots (espc. Music-Bots)
Bots are not allowed except the official ones in specific channel.

§15 Uploading of files
We do not allow any kind of pornographic, racist or copyrighted content to be shared directly or indirectly on the server.

§16 Channel Rules
Server rules can be extended or/and abolished by channel rules. Channel rules should be appreciated as well.

§17 Obligation to inform
Any infringement of the rules should be report as soon as possible to mods and higher.

§18 Age
You have to be at least sixteen years old to be on the server. Every minor under 18 get a u18-servergroup. (Under 18 group)

Changes reserved.